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Managing Partner

One of the valued assets of the firm, Mr. Lui is of the view that legal advice for SMEs and businesses is the cornerstone of good business operations. 

His expertise and resources in the field of Merger and Acquisition ('M&A') range from providing legal advice to helping clients identify potential targets, assess their value, negotiate favorable terms, and manage the complexities of the deal process.

The services under his purview include buy-side and sell-side advisory, M&A strategy and deal sourcing, deal structuring and financing, negotiation support, due diligence management, and transaction closing support.

The firm currently provides legal assistance to businesses of various statures under his leadership.

Mr. Lui has also facilitated the sale and revival of various liquidated projects.


Managing Partner

Mr. Harneshpal has acted for a large number of purchasers of housing development aggrieved by the actions of the Developer.


He has also acted for liquidators, developers, and private individuals in commercial disputes.

Mr. Harneshpal firmly believes in strategy, drafting, spontaneity, respect, and decorum as the key values and success of civil litigation.



Ms. Chandni has predominantly been involved in the field of general Civil Litigation, particularly in a variety of contentious Commercial, Contractual and Construction disputes, specializing in large class action suits instituted by home buyers for various reliefs sought in respect of breaches of contracts and statutory provisions.

Ms. Chandni prides herself in exploring and applying diverse legal solutions while striking a balance between dealing with the intricacies of the law and upholding the interests of her clients.

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