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At Lui & Bhullar we’re just like you – we’re entrepreneurs. It’s got nothing to do with the size of your business. It’s a spirit. It’s something within you. It’s in your DNA. You’re always looking for new opportunities. You always want to improve on what you have. 


What sets Lui & Bhullar apart is that we recognize not only the importance of providing legally watertight advice, but also the need to support our client’s corporate objectives and long-term goals. This Plan is suitable for SMEs and Established Businesses that frequently require the services of lawyers, but do not want to worry about the costs of each legal work/ consultation.​

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Why engage us on a Yearly Retainer?

Lui & Bhullar becomes an in-house legal assistant to your business. The retainer plan provides cost-effective and quality SME legal services.

Our retainer plan is based on the number of employees and it covers the provision of our corporate advisory and consultation services.

There is a myriad of reasons why legal advice is important to SMEs, click on the link below to download the handbook. 

Scope of Work

* Items are subject to terms and conditions. Please contact to consult. 



Issuing a letter of demand

Telephone calls



Collection at national and international levels*


Out-of-court settlement and negotiation*

Initiation of litigation process*

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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Franchise Agreement

Service Agreement / Contract

Shareholders’ Agreement

Employment Agreement

License Agreement

Share Sale & Purchase Agreement

Lease Agreement

Terms & Conditions (for E-Commerce websites)

Joint Venture Agreement

User Acquisitions.jpg


​Legal opinion to your team, as required

Vetting and Reviewing contract(s)*

Attending negotiations and meetings*

Physical site inspection and inspection report*

Legal compliance screening on your business*

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